Medieval Times are Scheduled for 2015

December 23rd, 2014

Medieval Costumes Festival

If you have a love or curiosity for Medieval Festivals or LARP you will need three very important things. The first is proper knowledge of the period, the second is a proper Medieval costume and the third is a festival near you.

About Medieval Times and the Costumes Worn

Medieval Women's CostumeHere’s a little bit of trivia for you: Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table actually did not exist in medieval times. In fact, the story of these intrepid and chivalrous warriors comes from almost a millennium earlier, when the Roman Empire was beset on all sides by Goth invaders. The capital was in jeopardy, so they pulled all their troops back from the outlaying areas to defend it. That meant the British Isles were unprotected, and the Roman citizens living there were forced to defend themselves against the onslaught of barbarian tribes, like the Scots and Pics. One man rose up and saved the day: his name was General Arthur.

So if the Knights of the Round Table never existed as actual medieval knights, why has this story become so ingrained in the public consciousness? The answer is simple: we all want to think back to a more noble, romantic era where people got all dressed up and fought for actual principles. Embody the nostalgia in medieval knight armor and other costume accessories.


Medieval Men's CostumeMedieval knight armor consists of a chest plate and back plate made of plastic, so please do not try any actual jousting in this extremely ornate, handsome–but rather weak–armor. You will be the lion of Charlemagne’s entourage in this splendid piece of medieval knight armor. Don’t forget to arm yourself with a weapon, because we also offer a medieval knight sword (complete with sheath for portability) that’s perfect for both an adult or a child.
Besides our medieval knight armor, we also offer many choices in medieval knight costumes. Let’s face it, people, you’ll be a little embarrassed if you show up for the duel in nothing but your civvies and a breastplate. Explore our vast and varied selection for affordable options in medieval clothing.

Medieval costumes are a perfect way to have fun and role-play archetypes that have long passed into the annals of history. When you don our medieval costumes, you can hearken back to the days when chivalry was alive and well, when knights in shining armor jousted for a lady’s affection, when dangerous pirates hoisted their black flags upon the mast, and when kings and queens ruled over all that they surveyed. Capture that long-gone but never forgotten era with a series of splendid medieval costumes.

There are so many fun roles from the Middle Ages that are a hoot to play out, whether it is for Halloween, a masquerade party, or a reenactment of the fall of Jerusalem. For example, have you ever considered yourself a knight? Hey, give yourself some credit! For the gentleman warrior in all us, we offer everything from medieval knight costumes to indispensable accessories like armor breastplates and swords (especially useful if you’re going dragon hunting).

What’s really unique Medieval times is the large span of history it covers so you can find many costumes popular to all phases of the era. For example, musketeer outfits. These are an integral part of history because it was the use of gunpowder in the destruction of Constantinople in 1453 that signaled the end of castles’ importance throughout medieval Europe.

There are also fun costumes from the Renaissance, a time period sparked by the bubonic plague (which wiped out one third of Europe) and heralded a new appreciation for culture and the arts. These elegant medieval costumes include such popular choices as our Renaissance Maiden Heritage costume and even a Renaissance Lancelot costume for the kids! At our website, which is owned and operated by true costume experts and aficionados, you’re in good hands.

Attend a Festival

Get a costume and attend one of these Medieval or Renaissance Faires in 2015:

Anchorage, AK – June TBA, 2015 3 Barons Fair

Florence, AL – October 25-26, 2014 Alabama Renaissance Faire

Gold Canyon, AZ – Feb 7-Mar 29, 2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival

Lakeside, AZ – Jul 11-13, 2015 Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire

Yuma, AZ – Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015 Two Rivers Renaissance Faire

California City, CA – Oct 16-17, 2014 California City Renaissance Festival

Big Bear, CA- Aug 1-16 2015 Big Bear Renaissance Fair

Corona, CA – May 9-June 14, 2015 Koroneburg Old World Festival

Escondido, CA – April TBA, 2015 Escondido Renaissance Faire, Spring

Escondido, CA – Oct TBA, 2015 Escondido Renaissance Faire, Fall

Folsom, CA – Oct 18-19, 2015 Folsom Renaissance Faire

Gilroy, CA – Sept-Oct TBA, 2015 Northern California Renaissance Faire

Irwindale, CA – April 4-May 17, 2015 Renaissance Pleasure Faire

S. Lake Tahoe, CA – May-June TBA, 2015 Valhalla Renaissance Faire

San Jose, CA – Aug TBA 2015 San Jose Renaissance Faire

San Luis Obispo, CA – July TBA 2015 Central Coast Renaissance Festival

Visalia, CA – May TBA 2015 Tulare County Renaissance Festival

Larkspur, CO – Jun 13-Aug 2, 2015 Colorado Renaissance Festival

Greeley, CO – Jun 5-7, 2015 Colorado Medieval Festival

Norwich, CT – Sept 27-Oct 26, 2014 The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Deerfield Beach, FL – Feb 7-March 15, 2015 Florida Renaissance Festival Deerfield

Gainesville, FL Jan 24-Feb 1, 2015 Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

Pensacola, FL -Nov 1-2, 2014 The Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

Sarasota, FL – Nov 8-23, 2014 Sarasota Medieval Fair

Tampa, FL -Feb 14-March 29, 2015 Bay Area Renaissance Festival

Fairburn, GA – April 18-June 7, 2015 The Georgia Renaissance Festival

Moscow, ID – May TBA, 2015 Moscow Renaissance Fair

TBA, IL – TBA, 2015 Illinois Renaissance Faire

Amana Colonies, IA – May TBA, 2015 Iowa Renaissance Festival

Des Moines, IA – Aug-Sept TBA, 2015 Des Moines Renaissance Faire

Bonner Springs, KS – Aug 30-Oct 13, 2014 Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Wichita, KS – April 18-19, 2015 Great Plains Renaissance Festival

Eminence, KY – Themed Weekends Kentucky Renaissance Fair

Hammond, LA – Nov 1-Dec 7, 2014 Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Annapolis, MD – Aug 23-Oct 19, 2014 Maryland Renaissance Festival

Darlington, MD – June 13-14, 2015 Maryland Faerie Festival

Gloucester, MA – July TBA, 2015 Abbadia Mare Festival

Holly, MI – Aug-Sept TBA, 2015 Michigan Renaissance Festival

Ishpeming, MI – Aug TBA, 2015 Art Faire & Renaissance Festival


Shakopee, MN – Aug-Sept TBA, 2015 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Wentzville, MO – May-June TBA, 2015 St. Louis Renaissance Faire

Omaha, NE – May TBA, 2015 Nebraska Renaissance Faire & Medieval Pageant

Las Vegas, NV – Oct 10-12, 2014 Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival

Tuxedo Park, NY – Aug-Sept TBA, 2015 New York Renaissance Faire

Huntersville, NC – Oct 4-Nov 23, 2015 Carolina Renaissance Festival

Rock Creek, OH – Jul 11-Aug 18, 2015 Great Lakes Medieval Faire & MarketPlace

Harveysburg, OH – Aug 30-Oct 19, 2015 Ohio Renaissance Festival

Norman, OK – Mar 27-29, 2015 Medieval Faire of Norman

Muskogee, OK – May 2-31, 2015 20th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Hillsboro, OR – Aug-Sept, 2015 Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro

Kings Valley, OR -Sept TBA, 2015 Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Manheim, PA – Aug 2-Oct 26, 2015 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Wrightstown, PA – Sept TBA, 2015 The Village Renaissance Faire

Arrington-Triune, TN – May TBA, 2015 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Hillsboro, TX – Oct 11-12, 2015 Magical & Medieval Fantasy Faire

Hillsboro, TX – Nov 8-9, 2015 Middlefaire Renaissance Festival

Todd Mission, TX – Oct 11-Nov 30, 2015 Texas Renaissance Festival

Troup, TX – Feb 28-Apr 26, 2015 Four Winds Renaissance Faire

Waxahachie, TX – April 4-May 25, 2015 Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Spotsylvania, VA – May 9-June 7, 2015 Virginia Renaissance Faire

Bonney Lake, WA – Aug TBA, 2015 Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Carnation, WA – Year Round Events Camlann Medieval Village

Colbert, WA – Oct 5-6, 2014 The Spokane Renaissance Faire

Nine Mile Falls, WA – July 4-26, 2015 Northwest Renaissance Festival

Janesville, WI – May TBD, 2015 Janesville Renaissance Faire

Glenwood City, WI – July 25-26, 2015 Ren in the Glen

Kenosha, WI – July 11-Sept 7, 2015 Bristol Renaissance Faire