Religious Costumes for Easter Passion Plays

March 31st, 2014

Although Easter is often celebrated commercially with jelly beans, sugar covered marshmallows, and the ubiquitous Easter Bunny, these things detract from the spiritual significance of the hallowed day.  It is the most significant holiday in the Christian faith, commemorating Christ’s resurrection following his crucifixion.  The final period of Christ’s life including his trial, suffering, and death is often referred to as the Passion of the Christ.   It is through his death and resurrection that humans are reconciled with God and granted salvation.

Many congregations perform the Stations of the Cross or a Passion Play during Holy Week.  This rituals are meant to help the faithful through a reflective meditation on the suffering and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. There are a variety of tasteful biblical costumes to enhance these performances.  Essential roles include Jesus, Roman soldiers, the disciples, and Mary, mother of Jesus.  Whether your pageant is being performed by children or adults, we have the ensembles and accessories needed to tell the story of the Passion.

As the central figure of Easter, Jesus deserves to be portrayed with dignity and grace.  Traditionally, Jesus is depicted in a long white robe until he is stripped and humiliated by the Romans.  Our Jesus Boy’s Costume feature a white robe with bell sleeves and red shoulder drape. This costume also includes a thick brown wig and beard, as well as a crowns of thorns to represent the mockery perpetrated by Jesus’ persecutors.  The Men’s Jesus costume is similar, but sized to fit most adults.  For the persecutors of Jesus, we carry a diverse range of Roman soldier ensembles for children and adults.

roman soldier costume

These outfits typically consist of tunics and gold or silver replica armor.  Our selection of prop weapons and shields are perfect for completing these costumes.  Jesus’ disciples are also essential to the story of his crucifixion.  Children’s Shepherd Costumes and Adult Unisex Biblical Robes are perfect for these supporting roles.  Generally, these ensembles are long robes with rope belts, and they can be improved with shepherd crooks and biblical wigs and beards for men.  The blessed mother of Jesus, Mary, is also a critical figure in a Passion Play.  Our Adult Mary Costume features a long white gown and a beautiful cobalt blue cape with an attached white hood.  The Mary Kid’s Costume includes a pastel blue robe, white hood, and white rope belt.  All of these wonderful costumes can be completed with our great selection of sandals.

If your congregation is planning a Passion Play this Easter, Anytime Costumes has you covered.  There are many websites offering free scripts for these performances, some of which have music incorporated.  Celebrate the glory of God and Jesus this Easter, not the commercialization of a made up egg-laying bunny rabbit.  We can’t blame you if you indulge in some chocolate, though!