‘Tis The Season for Christmas Costumes

If you think that dressing up as Santa is the only reason there is to put on a costume this holiday season then think again. When it comes to Christmas costumes there are a lot of great options that can be fun to wear anytime during the month of December, whether you’re going to a Christmas party or playing a role in a holiday play.

Elf Costumes – Pointy ears, funny shoes–an elf costumes is a fun way to entertain kids, brighten up the mood in a classroom, or even to be used as an excuse to act like a goofball. Besides, every kid knows that elves report back to Santa, so hopefully they’ll be extra nice if they see a Christmas elf.

Biblical Costumes – The retelling of the Nativity is a solemn event that for many people is synonymous with the holiday season. Biblical costumes come in sizes for adults and children, and it’s great entertainment to see kids dress up in nativity costumes and have them the perform their own rendition.

Christmas Animals – Prance on the rooftops in a full reindeer costume, Dance about as a holiday bear or scuttle about as a holiday penguin. Whatever animal you choose, you shouldn’t have a problem finding some ‘wild’ holiday fun.

Angel Costumes – Angels are another great production costume that embodies this exciting time of year. In a season dictated by who’s naughty and who’s nice, just remember that you might want to save the dark angel costume until after Santa has already been to your house.

Other Christmas Symbols & Characters – Of course, if dressing up like a person or an animal isn’t for you then why not head to your next party dressed in a  Christmas tree costume, a delicious ginger bread man costume, or even still, a plush snowman costume. We guarantee you won’t melt away, but there is a chance someone might try and nibble on you if you dress as a delicious cookie.

Sometimes we forget that there’s a great costume for nearly every holiday and occasion. So don’t feel like you have to wear a Santa costume or Mrs. Clause costume in order to dress up this holiday season, with all the entertaining characters to choose from there’s definitely a Christmas costume for everyone.



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