Homemade Treasure Doll Halloween Costume

Dress as a Treasure Troll Doll This Halloween

Be your own good luck charm this Halloween by dressing up as a Treasure Troll
Doll. This fluorescent haired fad has not faded with time, remaining popular
since their introduction in the 1960s. Partygoers are sure to turn their heads
when they see you in this PG-13 “clothes”-free costume.

Troll Doll Costume Materials

  • Tan body suit
  • Nude pantyhose
  • Tan ballet slippers
  • Colored felt
  • Fabric marker
  • Large costume ears
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive
  • Spray-on glitter
  • Costume jewels
  • Plastic cup
  • Cloth covered hair elastics
  • Hair spray and gel
  • Fluorescent or bright spray hair color

Make a Homemade Troll Doll Halloween Costume

Start the troll costume by choosing the jewel color and shape that you want
for the troll’s stomach. Common shapes include a square, diamond, star, or circle.
Draw your shape on the colored felt with a fabric marker and carefully cut it
out using scissors. Spray one side of the felt with adhesive and attach the
costume jewels. Put on the nude pantyhose, tan body suit and tan ballet slippers
to create a “naked” look.  Spray adhesive to the backside of
the jeweled felt and affix it to the stomach of your bodysuit.

Lean over, letting your hair dangle down, and brush it straight, running hair
gel throughout it. Place a plastic cup on the top of you hair, forming your
hair around it, and securing your hair with an elastic hair tie as you flip
your hair back. Spray the hair straight up with a large amount of hair spray.
Next, color your hair with a bright-colored spray temporary hair dye. Place
the costume ears on top of your own. Finally, spray on glitter on your face
and in your hair as an accent.



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