You Can’t Go Wrong with a Disney Princess Costume

Most little girls dream of being a princess. Disney movies are a large part of the entertainment that many children watch as they grow up. Disney has many popular princesses that girls the world over love and want to emulate. If your daughter, granddaughter or niece loves dressing up as a princess, Disney provides a huge variety of officially licensed princess costumes.

The traditional princess wears a pointy cap, a long, pretty gown and has beautiful silken hair. This princess is the pinnacle of dainty and feminine. She is also commonly in need of a prince or hero to save her. Disney has brought us many of these traditional princesses from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty.

The modern day princess fits more into today’s standard of equality. Modern day princesses are just as daring and brave as their male counterparts. Often times these beauties are the ones…gasp….saving the prince! Some of Disney’s modern princess costumes include Princess Tiana, Belle, and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Your little girl can probably find any excuse to dress up as a princess from play dates, to princess parties, to tea parties to Halloween. Birthday parties are great for throwing princess parties. They are also a great time to give a princess costume as a gift to a little girl. All you have to know is her favorite Disney movie and that will tip you off on what princess she was born to dress up as.

This year find the costume that the special little girl in your life will want. Will it be Belle, the intelligent, classic beauty that melts the Beast’s hear, Rapunzel, the fun and adventurous girl in purple or perhaps the Arabian beauty Jasmine?


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