Protecting isolated western towns from outlaws isn't something the boys only do. The cowgirls costumes for infants and toddler are just as cute and impressive as their male counterparts. These costumes will transform your daughter into the fastest juice-guzzling, pea-shooting ranger the wild west has ever seen. She'll take in a coach-load of candy this Halloween as a reward for running spooks and other creepy things out of town.

The costumes feature many staples of the wild west garb made popular in television and movies, such as the cowboy hat, vest, and fringe. The outfits available in this section have all that, which make them easily distinguishable from other outfits the kids will be wearing out on Halloween. Pit your cowgirl in a costume duel against another child and there won't be any contest as to which is the cuter costume.

One of the most popular cowgirl costumes features a pink and white cow print dress that comes with a shimmery pink vest, fringed wristlets, a belt buckle, and matching cowboy hat. Your little one will look like the sheriff of town when she puts on this outfit. She'll look even more authoritative if you attach a pair of spurs to a pair of boots.

Cowgirls are a great costume idea for infants and toddlers. They show that girls aren't only interested in being princesses.

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