You can find the perfect costume for your trouble making tyke in our fantastic Boy's Convict Costume selection. Costumes that fit the wearer's personality are always more fitting and more fun to wear. Whether its for Halloween, a school event, or a neighborhood friend's dress up party, a convict themed outfit is always a great idea. Convict inspired costumes are funny, eye catching, and an enjoyable character to play, but just for an evening of course! We have a nice variety of convict costumes so you can browse through and select your favorite one. No matter what the occasion, show up as a tough guy with attitude with one of these great convict outfits and you're sure to be the highlight of any party.

The convict outfit category has a great selection to choose from. Think of the type of character you would like to play and find a fun outfit to match. You can be a modern convict with a solid orange jumpsuit, or perhaps you like the old fashioned motif a bit more. You can also choose the classic black and white striped prisoner look if you would like. The horizontal striped outfit is a fun look and along with the classic matching hat, creates a great old fashioned look. You can also choose from some fun accessories too. If you are a particularly dangerous inmate, perhaps you need a restraint mask for your mouth, you can add handcuffs or a classic ball and chain prop to the outfit for a fun look.

If your young son is a little mischievous, the convict category is a great place to start looking for costumes! Convict themed outfits are always so much fun and a hilarious costume choice. Search through our collection and pick out your favorite today.

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