You don't want your child to rob candy from any babies on Halloween, but he can still have great fun with the Boy's Gangsters Costume. Everyone likes to have a little mischievous fun and Halloween is the perfect time. Gangsters have always been popular among American culture and sometimes even portrayed as men of honor or so called Robin Hoods, who steal from the rich and give to the poor.

At one time it could be said that the mobster actually held up as an example for all men to emulate. With so few actual role models, we have no choice but to look back on a time when the gangster was viewed as a valiant hero who looked after his family, took care of business and, of course, stood up for what he believed in. In fact in the early day of mobsters they live by list of honorable rules such as “never be late for appointments,” “don’t spend time in bars” and “respect your wife.”

Your son can choose from two versions of the gangster costume, one comes with suit jacket and pants and the other with jacket, pants and dickey with attached tie. Some excellent accessories include a fake cigar, gangster hat, fake white carnation, violin gun case, a black or white tie, an inflatable machine gun, white fedora hat or white tommy gun. Individuals might also want to consider the "scarface" costume, which has jacket with attached shirt, mask and inflatable shoulder harness. Accessories are the same.

So your son can do the right thing and be a standup guy when he gets the Boy's Gangster Costume.

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