A costume accessory that shouldn't be overlooked are boots for children. Whether they're boot covers to put over your child's own shoes or actual boots, they can really make a costume look complete. If you really want to go all out with your child's costume then don't forget about footwear. 1960s and 70s style mod dresses are a popular costume choice for girls. These dresses are bright and colorful and often feature pretty patterns and designs. Add a wig and some mod jewelry and the look is almost complete. To really make a mod costume work, she will need a pair of go-go boots. These tall boots are almost knee high and a solid color. They feature boxy heels and squared off toes. Add a pair to a girl's mod costume and the look will be perfect.

Comic book and movie superheroes are known for their costumes as much as for their super powers. Every superhero has a distinct and unforgettable look, and is usually covered from head to toe. Super hero boots are a fun way to finish off a costume. There are black ones and red ones, which means most superheroes are covered. Many occupations have distinctive footwear. If your child is dressing up like a fireman or an astronaut, there are boots to make his or her costume complete. You're child's going to need something down there. Face it, a firefighter or space suit would look really odd with sneakers.

With some costumes, the shoes don't matter. But sometimes the proper boot is essential for a quality costume. Be sure to get boots or boot cover accessories for your child's Halloween costume.

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