You know what they say, big shoes mean big...socks! Our men's shoe section also means big costume ideas. Put your best foot forward this Halloween with a costume coordinating shoe and look the part from head to toe. Though elves and leprechauns are typically tiny, our selection of men's shoes are made to fit you. Get into the holiday spirit at Christmas and St. Patrick's day with pointy elf shoes and colonial style shoe buckles. Go caveman in some funky slippers made to look like bare feet. These unique shoes are a great way to protect your feet and stay warm when your costume calls for you to go barefoot. Order a pair to wear around the house every day. Everyone will get a kick out of these.

Shoe Buckles - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Shoe Buckles $4.97 Out of Stock
Colonial Shoe Buckles - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Colonial Shoe Buckles $10.97 In Stock
Colonial Shoe Adult - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Colonial Shoe Adult $28.97 In Stock
White And Black Oxford Shoe For Men - shoes-men - accessories-makeup White And Black Oxford Shoe For Men $38.97 In Stock
Black Platform Shoes Adult - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Black Platform Shoes Adult $52.99 In Stock
Zebra Men Zebra Men's Platform Shoes $49.99 In Stock
Black Monster Boot Men Black Monster Boot Men's $64.99 In Stock
Men Men's Stone Age Style Shoes $4.99 Out of Stock
Brown Men Brown Men's Sandal $31.96 In Stock
Men Men's Cheetah Fur Platform Shoe $51.99 In Stock
Men Men's Rustic Sandals $9.99 Out of Stock
Hippie Sandals Adult - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Hippie Sandals Adult $19.97 In Stock
Vinyl Funny Feet Slippers Shoes Adult Male - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Vinyl Funny Feet Slippers Shoes Adult Male $12.97 Out of Stock
White Platform Shoes - shoes-men - accessories-makeup White Platform Shoes $51.97 In Stock
Red and Yellow Clown Shoes Adult - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Red and Yellow Clown Shoes Adult $28.99 Out of Stock
Brown Roman Sandal Adult - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Brown Roman Sandal Adult $10.97 In Stock
Moccasin Shoe Covers - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Moccasin Shoe Covers $5.77 Out of Stock
Adult Warrior Sandal - shoes-men - accessories-makeup Adult Warrior Sandal $64.99 Out of Stock

Platform shoes were all the rage in the 70s. If you threw yours out when disco died, it might be time to revive the funk. Purchase a pair of shiny metallic platforms and boogie down in your jumpsuit. This flashy footwear is also great for pimp costumes, along with gold chains. If you're daring, wear an animal print pair. No clown costume is complete without a comically large pair of shoes. Trip over your own two feet in these brightly colored clown shoes and get the crowd laughing. On quite the other end of the shoe spectrum, simple sandals are perfect for hippie and Native American costumes. Lace up gladiator shoes make you look just like a roman warrior.

You won't have to walk a mile in these men's shoes to get into the character of whoever your impersonating this Halloween.

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