Superheroes sure go through a lot of boots and gloves while kicking but and catching criminals. Fighting crime involves a lot of wear and tear, and our superhero accessories are up to the task. Disguises would be pretty useless if holes wore through. This year, dress up like your favorite hero or heroine for Halloween with authentic looking, quality gear at low prices. Where do you think the heroes do their shopping?

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can. This hero swings from building and scales walls. While our Spidey inspired gloves and boots might not give you these capabilities, they will make you look just like the hero himself. And, with an accessory like a web shooter, we guarantee no one will want to get in your way!

Known for his extensive collection of accessories and gear that helps him thwart criminals, Batman also wears an elaborate costume to protect his identity. In addition to a heavy cape that protects him from shrapnel and his mask, he also wears gauntlet style gloves with sharp spikes. These armored gloves keep The Dark Knight's opponents from grabbing hold of him, and he also uses them to block attacks.

A superhero's costume is important down to the last detail. Make sure that you have the right gear and superhero accessories to look the part of your favorite hero this Halloween or at the convention.

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