The 1950s was an era of happy days, prosperity, TV and family. What could be more cool then to dress your son or daughter in one of our infant toddler 50s costumes? Whether dressed as a mini-Elvis or in a retro-trendy poodle skirt, your little one will be the hit at the party! A 50s theme is also a great idea for the whole family. Hoping to win the family award for best dressed? Fit the entire family in Elvis costumes and rock the party. Not your style? Moms and girls can dress in poodle skirts and pony tails. Adults can also check out our other 50s-styled outlets.

The 1950s was a transition decade for the U.S. World War II had ended, the allies had won, serviceman were back from the front and America was a world power. The turmoil of the 60s had not yet started and the baby boom had just begun. Joe DiMaggio was inducted into the Hall of Fame, drive-ins were popular, young people began to see themselves as "teenagers," James Dean was a Rebel Without a Cause and Disneyland opened in California. A young singer name Elvis Presley burst onto the scene. His gyrating dance was controversial at the time but tame by today's standing. Three decades after his death, Elvis is still considered the king of Rock'n' Roll.

Don't flip your lid looking high and low for a costume for your little one. We have what you need right here. Your kid will learn to Rock Around the Clock in our 50s costumes for infants!

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