Our clearance masks are going anywhere but out of style. These great masks are super relevant and perfect for your next Halloween costume. Including options from popular TV shows and movies, these masks are a steal at their sale prices. Save even more by purchasing a clearance mask that functions as a complete costume. Put on a suit that you already own and a mask designed to look like a prominent political figure, like President Obama or Senator Romney. Give everyone a stately wave as your arrive to the party and hope that your outfit hasn't stimulated any heated political debates.

When you bought the Angry Birds app on your phone, you probably never thought you'd be dressing up like one of the round wingless birds. This addicting game took off, prompting the design of larger scale video and computer games as well as stuffed animals and other merchandise. A comical costume idea, wear simple clothes and a giant Angry Birds mask, available in a variety of different styles. The best part about masks that work as complete costumes? You can easily return to a normal, plain clothes version of yourself whenever you want. Grab a Mardi Gras mask from our clearance mask section. If you're celebrating Mardi Gras right, chances are you have a ton of other things to buy...plastic beads, plane tickets to New Orleans, the usual stuff. Get a high quality mask at a low price and be ready to take Bourbon Street by storm.

Browse the clearance mask section for inspiration for your next Halloween costume or masquerade party. You never know what you might find.

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