There have been many big blockbusters over the past few years, and their characters have become as recognizable as the big name actors who've played them. It's often said that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, so honor the star you idolize by dressing up in a men's movie costume. These costumes are designed to give your representation an authentic look, so don't be surprised if you're rushed with requests for autographs.

Superheroes, villains, funny men, and monsters are all here in this collection of Movie costumes. One of the most popular characters recently have been Jack Sparrow and Batman, and both of these characters have a few different interpretations to choose from. Regardless of which one you decide, it's guaranteed that fun will be had because seeking the Black Pearl or defeating the Joker is infinitely more interesting than going to work. Many classic characters are also represented in this category. You can dress up as Edward Scissorhands, Kermit the Frog, Indiana Jones, Predator, Slimer, or Beetlejuice. These iconic characters are everyone's favorites and other costumed guests will be thrilled to see someone bring them back.

The movie character costumes for men are all meant to let you have fun with your imagination. You'll be able to be a kid again, and you also get the added benefit of making a few new friends. Who knows, maybe you'll meet your best friends or special someone thanks to your common love for a movie.

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