Try something different for your Halloween costume. Men's skin suits are stretch fabric jumpsuits that cover your entire body, from head to toe. Even your face is covered by the suit. You can breathe through them, of course, as well as see. You can even drink through the suit. They zip up and can be worn with the head covering tucked in. In some cases the headpiece is a separate item.

The basic skin suit is a solid color. These are great as a generic outfit or to wear underneath another costume. You'd be able to hide your face and features, which could make a scary costume even creepier. Some of the suits can be worn for other purposes too. The black one is good for stage hands who need to move around stage unseen. The green one is perfect for disappearing in front of a green screen.

Some skin suits have a character printed on them. These are a fun twist on a standard costume. They are often costumes for which a skin suit makes sense, like a superhero or ninja. They may even come with some accessories, like a cape or belt. Other styles that are perfect as skin suits are skeletons and muscles—bodies without skin!

One of the most common and fun uses for skin suits is wearing them to show support for your favorite team. When you go to a game wear a suit in your university colors, with their logo on the front. There are also baseball suits that look like team uniforms. If you're their biggest fan you now have a way to show it that doesn't involve taking off your shirt and painting your chest.

Skin suits are an unusual men's costumes that will get you noticed while keeping your identity secret. Pick one up and try a totally different kind of look.

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