Whether it's October or December, our Christmas costumes for teens are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Order these for a high school holiday performance, or wear them a little ahead of seasons as a creative Halloween outfit. Month's apart, Halloween and Christmas have very little to do with each other. Each holiday celebrates vastly different concepts. While Halloween is a time to celebrate the spooky, Christmas is a time of joy and generosity. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington opens the portal between Halloween Town and Christmas Town, with some disastrous results.

This Halloween, pick a truly unique teen's Christmas costume. Dress up like Sally, Jack's level headed love interest who tries to stop him from wreaking havoc on Christmas. A mad scientist's project, Sally is a roughly stitched rag doll woman who wears a patchwork dress. Throughout the movie, she tries to thwart Jack's ill thought out plans. Unable to do so, Jack proceeds with his harebrained, almost winding up dead in his effort to take over as Santa Clause. In the end, order is restored to Halloween and Christmas Town, and he and Sally have fallen for each other. See out accessories pages for great makeup ideas to create the look of stitches on your face. Pair the patched dress with lace up boots for a convincing rag doll effect.

Do the jingle bell rock in an adorable Christmas costume for teens. Dress up like a sexy Eskimo or Santa's helper, just like the plastics in Mean Girls. Fur lined mini dresses put a hot twist on cold weather. Accessories like white platform boots and long false latches make this little number particularly fetching.

Don't hide under the blankets when cold weather comes! Look like a sweet snow queen at your next Halloween or holiday party with one of our Christmas teen costumes.

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