Human beings have been dancing since the beginning of time. Rhythmic movement of the body to musical beats is a natural, sensual form of expression and entertainment. Across decades, people have enjoyed various rhythms and styles of dance on the stage, at parties, and in clubs and discos. Just as music and footwork are crucial to the art of dance, so too is attire. The perfect ensemble helps bring out the essence of the performance, and whether you need a spicy cha cha dress or disco diva jumpsuit to groove in, we have the perfect dancer costume for you.

The roaring twenties were a time when young women rebelled, wearing iconic short skirts and dancing the night away to soulful jazz. Fast forward to the 70's, a time when disco dancers every where partied in psychedelic mini skirts and platform boots. In the 80s, Flashdance Alex Owens killed it in casually cute leotard with sweatshirt.

Statement makers of each era used the music and fashion of the time to dance their hearts out! Around the world, flashy showgirls and risque burlesque performers dress in attention grabbing costumes that reveal a lot of skin. Typically high shine, this glamorous garb will turn heads at your next Halloween party.

Whether you're doing the Irish Jig or kicking up a Can Can storm, we have great ideas for your next party or performance. Exotic belly dancing two-pieces and ruffled Latin dresses will help you shake things up on the dance floor. Just be prepared to show off your moves!

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