Devilishly desirable dripping divas, mysterious mistresses of murky depths and sexy sea sirens have tantalized men for centuries. In resplendent fish scales, those oh-so-tight hip-hugging fin prosthetics and a head band or bejeweled crowns, mermaid costumes for women will fuel landlubbing men with fantasies of the sea. Do you dare take this costume out for a swim? Let us take you deep under the waves, plumbing depths of possibility, as much to our classic look of mermaids as sexy new styles of comfort. There are even some classic cartoon mermaids among this lot.

Cut as much in full one-piece bodices or very much like a sequined bikini you can rest assured with our mermaid costumes you can reveal as much skin as you desire. Where nurses and sexy witches have short skirts and heels mermaids sport little cleavage-baring tops, bared stomachs and tighter-then-tight long skirts almost all ending in that all-too-familiar tails.

And the tails here do run the gambit, let's face it, they can be the most interesting part of the entire mermaid look. If you feel like shuffling there are costumes with our very tight realistic look, some of a more 'fanned' variety and then simply open scaled long dresses; we have it all for whatever depth you are diving into.

Break the warm water of your costume needs and have a swim round whatever mermaid style you are looking for.

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