Never send a man to do a woman's job. Charlie's Angels was one of the first presentations of sexy, strong women in roles typically assigned to men. With our big selection of police and firefighter costumes, you'll be the sexiest woman in uniform at the Halloween party or in the boudoir. Popular 70s TV show, Charlie's Angels featured three crime fighting females who worked as private detectives for a mysterious millionaire, Charlie. In 2000, the Angels debuted in an action packed movie, using their beauty and brains to fight crime and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Skin tight cat suits and short skirts make your body the highlight of these crime fighter costumes. You'll have no trouble pulling him over in low cut rompers that show off your best weapons. The Angels became a symbol of girl power because they were able to show off their sexuality while tackling crime with the utmost confidence and skill. You'll be in charge of the private investigation when you cuff and pat down your perp.

Sound the alarm! You'll sizzle in a hot little number from our women's firefighter costumes. Slide down the fire pole and bravely look danger in the face. You have the power to heat things up this Halloween with a smokin' fire girl get up.

Pay tribute to Farah Fawcett or your favorite Angel and dress up as a strong, crime fighting heroine for your costume party. Or, surprise your sweetheart in an adult officer costume that leaves little to the imagination.

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