International hats is a broad category that encompasses a lot of unique styles. Everything from French berets to Chinese rickshaw hats to Swiss tyrolean hats are represented here. If you've got a cultural costume we can make sure it's complete with an international hat.

Beret Hat Adult - international - hats Beret Hat Adult $3.97 In Stock
Straw Gondolier Hat Adult - international - hats Straw Gondolier Hat Adult $4.97 In Stock
Faux Fur Russian Hat Adult - international - hats Faux Fur Russian Hat Adult $8.97 In Stock
Arabian Sultan Turban with Bead Trim - international - hats Arabian Sultan Turban with Bead Trim $13.97 In Stock
Green Velour Tyrolean Hat Adult - international - hats Green Velour Tyrolean Hat Adult $2.97 In Stock
Durashape Spanish Hat Adult - international - hats Durashape Spanish Hat Adult $8.97 In Stock
Embroidered Straw Sombrero - international - hats Embroidered Straw Sombrero $7.97 In Stock
Knight Helmet Adult - international - hats Knight Helmet Adult $15.97 In Stock
Victorian Top Hat - international - hats Victorian Top Hat $24.97 Out of Stock
Plastic Viking Helmet Adult - international - hats Plastic Viking Helmet Adult $5.97 Out of Stock
Deluxe Alpine Hat with Quill Adult - international - hats Deluxe Alpine Hat with Quill Adult $8.97 Out of Stock
Chinese Hat - international - hats Chinese Hat $16.97 Out of Stock
Senorita Hat with Veil - international - hats Senorita Hat with Veil $6.99 Out of Stock
Mop Hat for Women - international - hats Mop Hat for Women $3.97 Out of Stock
Yodeler Hat - international - hats Yodeler Hat $6.97 Out of Stock
Adult Yellow Rickshaw Hat - international - hats Adult Yellow Rickshaw Hat $6.97 Out of Stock
Spanish Conquistador Hat - international - hats Spanish Conquistador Hat $3.97 Out of Stock
Viking Helmet Gold - With Fur - international - hats Viking Helmet Gold - With Fur $6.97 Out of Stock
Black Sombrero with Silver Trim - international - hats Black Sombrero with Silver Trim $17.97 Out of Stock
Ninja Headpiece Adult - international - hats Ninja Headpiece Adult $8.97 Out of Stock

If you're looking for something European, there are lots of choices. There are several berets for that French painter look. There are several Spanish hats too—black hats with wide, flat, sometimes decorated brims. There's even a Venetian gondolier's hat, or a padre hat for a Vatican look. For a more historical hat there are mob hats, and even knight, viking, and Spanish Conquistador helmets. Compliment your lederhosen by wearing an Alpine, yodeler, or tyrolean hat.

If you're looking for something with a more Asian flair, a Chinese cap could work. Maybe a traditional pointed conical hat is more your style. These hats are common all across Asia and are perfect for topping a regional costume. If you're dressing up as a ninja you'll need a headpiece too. Although if you're a really good ninja nobody will see you anyway.

There are hats for all kinds of other international costumes, too. Dress like an Egyptian in a red fez, or like an Arabian sultan in a turban. Get a faux fur Russian hat to go with your Cossack costume or a sombrero to go with your Mexican poncho.

There are so many international costumes, and most will look more complete with a hat. Get your perfect hat here.

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