Costumes and accessories are constantly being added to our inventory. The manufacturers are always releasing new items and we're always on the lookout for more wonderful ideas for your costumes. Hats are no exception. We have new hats for 2014, and some of them are pretty wild. Whenever a new blockbuster movie comes out there's a good chance there will be new costumes released along with it, especially if the movie features characters in unusual costumes. Big anticipated movies of 2014, like Oz the Great and Powerful, Iron Man 3, and The Smurfs 2, are sure the provide new costume choices. Of course, new costumes don't always mean new hats, but there are still sure to be some fun new ones over the course of the year.

Animal hoods are a popular and relatively recent hat option. People enjoy them because they're a great way to look like an animal without having to wear a full mask. Whenever there's a style that's popular we try to make sure we update them frequently. If you love the furry animal hoods then you will be pleased to know there's new options this year. Flapper costumes are also an extremely popular style. They consist of a short dress with lots of fringe or sequins and accessories like feather boas and cigarette holders. There are lots of styles of headbands for these costumes, so when something new and different comes along we definitely want to offer it to you. A flapper beret is unusual and a few new choice this year.

Other new hats this year include a feather headdress for a Native American costume and a fun mini hat for a clown costume. New hats are added all year, so keep checking.

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