Every kid dreams of being a construction worker or a fireman or a nurse. Those costumes are not just for kids, though. There are choices for all kinds of occupations, from pilot to sailor to cop. And for most of these costumes there's a hat to match. Law enforcement costumes are a popular choice. Be a favorite TV or movie detective or just take the opportunity to wear a uniform. There are occupational hats for officers, SWAT team members, and even detectives. If blue's not your thing, try red. Fireman red. Get a fire fighter's helmet to compliment your outfit.

Sailor (Gob) Hat - occupational - hats Sailor (Gob) Hat $2.97 In Stock
Yachting Cap - occupational - hats Yachting Cap $4.97 In Stock
Spaceman Helmet - occupational - hats Spaceman Helmet $19.99 In Stock
Ring Master Top Hat - occupational - hats Ring Master Top Hat $24.97 In Stock
Construction Hat - Lightweight Plastic - occupational - hats Construction Hat - Lightweight Plastic $1.47 In Stock
Police Hat With Badge Navy - occupational - hats Police Hat With Badge Navy $7.97 In Stock
White Bonnet - occupational - hats White Bonnet $8.97 In Stock
Aviator Helmet & Goggles Adult - occupational - hats Aviator Helmet & Goggles Adult $11.97 In Stock
Sailor Hat Adult - occupational - hats Sailor Hat Adult $5.99 In Stock
Engineer Cap Adult - Dark Blue - occupational - hats Engineer Cap Adult - Dark Blue $8.97 In Stock
Police Hat Or Chauffeur Cap Economy - occupational - hats Police Hat Or Chauffeur Cap Economy $8.97 In Stock
Sherlock Holmes Or Deerstalker Hat - Lightweight - occupational - hats Sherlock Holmes Or Deerstalker Hat - Lightweight $6.97 In Stock
Childs Jr. Fire Chief Helmet - occupational - hats Childs Jr. Fire Chief Helmet $11.97 In Stock
Conductor Cloth Hat Kids - occupational - hats Conductor Cloth Hat Kids $5.97 In Stock
Biker Hat Or Cap - occupational - hats Biker Hat Or Cap $9.97 In Stock
Captain Fireman Helmet with Visor - occupational - hats Captain Fireman Helmet with Visor $9.97 In Stock
Nurse Hat  - Button Back - occupational - hats Nurse Hat - Button Back $6.97 In Stock
Train Conductor Hat - occupational - hats Train Conductor Hat $14.99 In Stock
Aviator Hat With Fur - occupational - hats Aviator Hat With Fur $5.97 In Stock
Ladies Deluxe Studded Police Hat - occupational - hats Ladies Deluxe Studded Police Hat $49.99 In Stock
Happy Ranger Happy Ranger's Hat $4.99 In Stock
Military Hat For Women - occupational - hats Military Hat For Women $19.99 In Stock
Wizard Hat - occupational - hats Wizard Hat $9.97 In Stock
Sexy SWAT Hat for Adults - occupational - hats Sexy SWAT Hat for Adults $11.99 In Stock
Adult Military Naval Hat - occupational - hats Adult Military Naval Hat $9.97 In Stock
Women Women's Sequin Cop Hat $26.99 In Stock
Chef Hat - occupational - hats Chef Hat $5.97 In Stock
Adult Fire Hat - occupational - hats Adult Fire Hat $11.97 In Stock

Military costumes are common too. You could dress like a soldier and wear a helmet, or like an officer in a cap. There's even a Red Army hat. The military is not just the Army, of course. If you prefer the water there are several sailor options including old fashion and modern costume hats. There are pilot hats too if the Air Force is how you choose to go. Pilots don't just fly for the Air Force. There are old fashion pilot hats and airline pilot caps. Maybe you're going to dress as a retro stewardess instead. There is a hat for that too. There are yacht and cruise ship captain hats and even train conductor and engineer hats. A travel buff can have so much fun dressed up in a travel theme. There's even a bell boy hat—which would be hilarious on a monkey or gorilla costume too.

Miners and construction workers to astronauts to safari guides, there are some unusual occupation costumes out there. They need occupational hats and this is the place to find them.

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