This Mardi Gras or Halloween, build your costume around a domino mask. These small masks with rounded edges cover little more than the eye area and the space between them. This is particularly ironic because domino masks are often used in comic books and movies by a superhero who wants to conceal his or her true identity. In TV and film, especially cartoons, this style of mask is typically used to signify a robber or bandit. While the domino mask really isn't a great way to go incognito, they are quite versatile.

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Traditionally, domino masks have been worn since the 18th century during the Carnival festivities. Carnival refers to the public celebration that occurs before Lent. People often wore masks and took part in activities that disrupted daily life. Parties usually focused around nice feasts, since meat and other rich foods weren't eaten during Lent. These masks are less decorative versions of masquerade masks, which are usually brightly colored and heavily embellished with details like sequins and lace.

Incorporate these simple masks into more elaborate costumes, like superhero, bandit, and vampire outfits. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can design your own, more elaborate masquerade version. Add glitter, feathers, and other bits of flair to personalize your mask. Elegant masks are great for both men and women and can lead to some excellent costumes. Purchase one in basic black or white, or in a select few other colors to complement your outfit.

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