Who hasn't dreamed of being a pop or rock star? In a men's rock star or pop star costume you can be one too. Being on stage, belting out a song, wailing away on a guitar solo. The fame, the screaming fans, the groupies. The girls! What a life. Well, chances are you're not going to be a star, but there's no reason not to look like one at your next Halloween or costume party. You can dress like someone famous or just in your favorite style.

What's your favorite rock genre? You can go really retro with something from the sixties or seventies. Maybe something Mod or British Invasion. Disco is a popular style, and so are glam or hair bands. You and three friends can dress up as KISS and really make a scene. If you like something heavier there are hard rock or metal rock star outfits. These different styles are also good for decade costume parties

Maybe you prefer pop to rock. Michael Jackson is a good choice. So is Elvis. We also have some of the more outlandish looking pop stars represented, like LMFAO. These flamboyant styles will make you the center of attention and even help you win a contest. If you're more into rap, we have you covered too. There are various styles of rapper costumes, including old school, gangster rapper, and flashy modern rap stars. Add some accessories like thick gold chains and other jewelry to really complete the look.

This Halloween you can really live out a fantasy. Get one of these pop or rocker costumes for men and be a star.

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