Nothing is as it seems with our unbelievable collection of optical illusion props and decorations. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are magical, but it does mean that they have the capability of fooling and surprising your guests. Usually, people are most frightened by the unexpected and the unpredictable. So if the visitors at your next Halloween party or haunted house event believe that they are looking at one thing and it turns out to be something completely different, then they will undoubtedly be frightened.

We have an incredible variety of optical illusions that you can use to catch your guests off-guard this Halloween season. This includes portraits you can hang up on your walls, creepy window posters, and video and audio effects. Use any combination of these items to instill fear in your visitors, and make this Halloween memorable for everyone. When a person's vision fails them, they become truly afraid. How can they trust what they see if their eyes have already deceived them once? At times like this, people find it difficult to trust anything and in turn become paranoid and vulnerable.

When your guests feel vulnerable, it is the perfect time to scare them. Maybe you can use these optical illusions to get visitors on edge upon entering your home, and then unleash the horror through other Halloween props and decorations. For example, you can lure them into a dungeon that you have set up in your basement, and warn them that there is no escape.

You can even make everything appear peaceful before turning your entire house into a terrifying torture chamber because with these optical illusions, nothing is ever as it seems.

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