One of the most popular genres of literature, television, and film is science fiction. With various subgenres, many works of fiction can be considered sci-fi nowadays, especially if they deal with imaginative aspects. You can use your imagination this Halloween season and decorate your house with some of our amazing science fiction props. We have a variety of sci-fi items that can be scary, humorous, or nostalgic for your guests.

Science fiction is usually set in the future or an alternative timeline, and it often deals with outer space and planets other than Earth. Naturally, aliens are popular characters in this genre, along with robots, androids, and humanoids. Authors, writers, and creators will populate their works of fiction with interesting species and races, developing a whole new world for the reader or viewer. Science fiction always has that "cool" feel to it, with futuristic technology and weapons, as well as time travel, teleportation, and paranormal abilities. The most important aspect of any work of science fiction is the suspension of disbelief, which is the responsibility of the reader or audience to accept that the contents of the piece are fictional and immerse themselves in the mind of the creator simply for entertainment purposes. The responsibility also lies partially on the creator, in that he or she must tell the story in a believable way.

Some of the most popular works of science fiction include Star Wars and Star Trek, both of which have extremely large followings to this day. These two examples are so successful because of the vast universes they created for their audiences.

Use these science fiction props to create an interesting world for your guests this Halloween season!

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