There are plenty of popular female characters, from super heroes to kooky cartoon animals to any number of side-kicks and partners you can be for Halloween. From slinky one-piece faux lather ensembles to be furry costumes, we present a cornucopia chock-full of choices in our Groups costumes collection.

Sometimes you want to go out as one member of an all-girl rock group or the female counterpart to a prize fighting duo or maybe one of a bunch of well-known comic book do good-ers. There is something to be said about safety in numbers...or at the very least partying with your B.F.F.'s all sporting get-ups from a specific well known popular gaggle of girls, an infamous band or a even characters from a popular television show.

These costumes might be part of a group, a well-known team, but that does mean they don't each radiate with their own individual style. Distinctive as they can be comical, sexy or just downright adorable, you'll fit in well with the other girls dressing like you, but at the same time you can strut your stuff knowing that each and every outfit you chose makes a statement about who you are in the group you are with...and why you chose the outfit you did.

Feel free to let your inner you out for the night while still feeling part of the gang by checking out our many women's group costume ideas.

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