What would it have been like to be a pilgrim, fight in the American Revolution, or be one of the very first presidents? Why don't you let your child find out by letting him or her wear one of our patriotic children's costumes? He or she can wear the clothes that an everyday person would have worn in the 1700s, dress up as a specific historical figure, or show American pride with a star and stripe filled outfit.

Because of the courageous soldiers who fought in the American Revolution, the American colonies were able to separate themselves from the oppression they faced under English rule. Before this, Americans suffered unjust treatment such as being unreasonably taxed without having the right to vote and being forced to house British soldiers. With our assortment of colonial soldier costumes, your child can imagine him or herself as one of the brave people who helped to free our country.

Your child can also be one of the many citizens who helped to farm, build towns, and shape our nation. From Native Americans to colonial Americans and pilgrims, we have all of the costumes you'll need to make it happen. Your child can also use these outfits to imagine that they're a memorable person like Paul Revere, Nathan Hale, or George Washington.

Whichever historic American your child chooses to be, our large variety of children's patriotic costumes will let them be that person. Order yours today, and take a glance at our patriotic accessories as well!

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