When the table is cleared, dinner dishes have been washed and Easter is over, dress in one of our sexy bunny costume and show your special someone what you have in your basket. This day may be a family holiday, but if kids have come down from their sugar high and everyone is tucked away in bed, it is time for the bunny to come out and play.

The first recorded instance of the Easter Bunny was in 16th century Germany, though it was a hare, not a rabbit, who legend says brought the gifts to children. Both these animals, which are prolific breeders, have been symbols of fertility in many cultures and as such have become icons of spring, and eventually, Easter. Rabbits and hares are two different species, however they have many similarities, such as both are primarily active at night. You have something in common with these nocturnal animals as well, because when you are dressed in our garb, you will be very active in the evening.

Candy bunnies, made of pastry and sugar, were first produced in Germany in the 19th century. Legend says that the Easter Bunny carried a basket filled with colored eggs, candy and sometimes toys for good children. When you dress as this huggable character, however, you might want to give toys and something sweet to someone who is a just a little bit naughty.

Spring into fun with our flirtatious attire! Purchase one of our Easter sexy bunnies costumes and give some candy to your special person.

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