The Fourth of July, officially known as Independence Day, is the US holiday commemorating the date back in 1776 when our Founding Fathers declared our independence from Britain and formed a new nation called the United States of America. Today we rejoice with parades, fireworks, barbecues and all sorts of public and private events organized to recall the history of our great country. Patriotic costumes play a large role in bringing extra excitement and enthusiasm to all July 4th celebrations.

During these festivities, people often dress in red, white and blue regalia to show off their devotion to our country. Some show their spirit with hats and wigs, while others go all out and dress in complete patriotic outfits. When choosing a 4th of July costume, how better to show your dedication than dressing as that icon of American liberty, Uncle Sam. For a perfect pairing, ladies may choose one of the most recognizable symbols of America, the Statue of Liberty.

Kids can also join in the fun of wearing Patriotic costumes. In addition to a traditional Uncle Sam suit, colonial costumes for boy and girls and Betsy Ross dresses are great for dressing up on the big day. Costumes representing historical figures such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin are ideal for use in school plays and history reports on Presidents Day.

Of course Patriotic costumes are not just for the 4th of July. They can also be worn on Halloween, Veterans Day and during Fleet Week. If fact, Uncle Sam costumes tend to be very popular around Tax Season... So the next time you are attending a Historical or Military event, remember to dress in a Patriotic outfit and show off your pride for our country!

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