America was shaped by important historic figures, so it only makes sense to dress up as one to honor our past and teach your child about American history. When you do, you'll want to choose from our selection of patriotic costumes for men. This assortment of outfits captures the clothing styles from former periods of American history, so you're sure to fit the part.

Mens Uncle Sam Patriotic Costume - mens - patriotic Mens Uncle Sam Patriotic Costume $22.99 In Stock
Abe Lincoln - Adult Costume - mens - patriotic Abe Lincoln - Adult Costume $39.99 In Stock
Uncle Sam - Adult Costume - mens - patriotic Uncle Sam - Adult Costume $49.99 In Stock
Adult Abraham Lincoln Costume - mens - patriotic Adult Abraham Lincoln Costume $109.99 In Stock
Founding Father Colonial Men Founding Father Colonial Men's Costume $49.97 In Stock
Men Men's Ben Franklin / Colonial Man Costume $70.99 In Stock
Adult George Washington - mens - patriotic Adult George Washington $79.97 In Stock
Adult Napoleon Costume - mens - patriotic Adult Napoleon Costume $59.99 In Stock
Adult British Redcoat - mens - patriotic Adult British Redcoat $89.97 In Stock
Adult Teddy Roosevelt Costume - mens - patriotic Adult Teddy Roosevelt Costume $139.97 In Stock
Adult Sequin Uncle Sam - mens - patriotic Adult Sequin Uncle Sam $349.99 In Stock
Adult Deluxe Uncle Sam - mens - patriotic Adult Deluxe Uncle Sam $159.99 In Stock
USA Flag Tunic Costume Adult - mens - patriotic USA Flag Tunic Costume Adult $44.99 In Stock
Ben Franklin Adult Costume - mens - patriotic Ben Franklin Adult Costume $42.99 Out of Stock
Patriot - Adult Costume - mens - patriotic Patriot - Adult Costume $59.99 Out of Stock
Frontiermans Jacket Costume for Adult - mens - patriotic Frontiermans Jacket Costume for Adult $45.97 Out of Stock

Benjamin Franklin did just about everything. He was a printer, politician, writer, inventor, and managed to discover electricity somewhere in between. And this doesn't even cover all that he did! Because of this, Franklin is one of the best remembered Americans of all time. If your child is learning about him in school, you can use one of our colonial styles to bring this historical figure to life.

With our patriotic men's costumes, you can also enact the role of Abraham Lincoln, the man who rid our country of slavery and helped restore America to unity. Or what about being our very first president, George Washington? From John Hancock to Paul Revere and virtually any early president you can think of, our patriotic costumes will let you act out these roles. Want to dress up as a representation of America itself? Our Uncle Sam and red, white, and blue costumes are perfect to get everyone in the American spirit during a Memorial Day or Labor Day barbeque!

So whether you want to bring American history to life or want to get everyone celebrating our freedom on Independence Day, you can't go wrong with our patriotic costumes for men. Take a glance at the accessories that go great with these options, too!

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