Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and romance that dates back to the Middle Ages. This holiday is filled with iconic symbols and themes that are meant to inspire our imaginations. Angels, fairies and cuddly animals are just a few objects that provided the inspiration for the Valentine's Day costumes we wear today.

Valentines Day Costumes and Accessories
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If you want a modern use for Valentine's Day costumes, you can give one as a gift to your partner for a little roll playing fun! Consider a theme from the mobster era pairing of Bonnie and Clyde. These two violent bank robbers are well known anti-hero Americans that stood back to back in dramatic gunfights. During the 1920s and 30s, these lunatic lovers were the hottest and most dangerous item around. If you just want to dress up for him...French Maid and school girl costumes are also a favorite for fantasy play. A Sexy Queen of Hearts costume can also set the mood for a fun and frisky Valentines celebration.

If you're flying solo this year but still want to go for a Valentine's Day theme, test your wings as Cupid. Nothing says Valentine's Day like the cute, little cherub who shoots unsuspecting people with his magic love arrow. A Cupid costume is all about accents. You can start with a sexy corset in almost any color. Then, pick up a pair of wings, and bow and arrow set to make the costume really look authentic. Another Valentine's Day costume that is sure to turn heads is a Teddy Bear. You're sure to get plenty of hugs and you'll undoubtedly be posing for photos as every girl's favorite Valentine's Day gift.

You can have Valentine's Day fun throughout the year with these great costume ideas. Love and romance never go out of style. Sexy thigh high stockings and petticoats are another simple way to heat up the night. You can find a suitable match for nearly any costume genre, whether it's classic or modern, fictitious or celebrity. So spice up your love life any time of year with Valentine's Day costumes!

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