All of the boys are bound to start revving their engines on Halloween when they dress up in one of our officially licensed Disney's Cars Costumes! Cars is the Disney movie about a world full of anthropomorphic vehicles that live life just like human beings! There are doctor cars and lawyer cars and most importantly race cars! This movie teaches about responsibility and sportsmanship and is a great film for young children. This is why it makes for great costumes as well!

When dressing up as a character from Cars, there are a few to choose from. These include, Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, and Finn McMissile. Lightning McQueen is a stylish race car that everyone loves. Tow Mater, McQueen's sidekick and friend is a boom truck. Last but certainly not least, Finn McMissile is a British spy car. All of these characters have different personalities and will be great to dress up as depending on who is your favorite and whom you relate most to. These Cars costumes can be worn separately or you can go as a group of cars with your friends. Our costumes come with padded muscles on them to make you look big and strong! You'll sure have a lot of horsepower underneath your hood in these outfits!

Don't get left in the dust on Halloween this year, be the first across the finish line and end up in the winner's circle by dressing up in one of our Cars Costumes!

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