Skylanders Swamp Force is a popular video game and action figure set. It is great for young boys with active imaginations. The game is played by connecting the action figures to a portal that stores the player's information and the character's data. This enables the players to partake in the action along with the characters in the video game. To really get into the spirit of the game your son can dress up in his favorite Skylanders costumes

. That would make it even more interactive and if he is a true Skylanders fan he can also wear it as a Halloween costume.

The Skylanders costumes are padded and printed with a lot of detail to they really resemble the look of the action figures. The popular characters for which we carry costumes are Spyro, Crusher, Jet-Vac and Trigger. The newest characters from Skylanders: Swamp Force are also amazing choices. All of the dozens of characters are classified under the 8 elements of Fire Water, Earth, Air, Magic, Tech, Life and undead. When a character is placed in the Portal of Power they will appear in the video game and can then pass through their elemental gates. It sounds confusing the kids get it and they just love it.

If your child is really into this game then let him extend his imaginative play beyond the video screen with a Skylanders costume.

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