300 Movie

Our extensive collection of 300: Rise of an Empire Costumes can transform you into a heroic Spartan warrior. Released in 2007, this fantasy action thriller portrayed the Spartans struggle to keep out the invading Persians led by Xerxes. The movie was a visual masterpiece and the film's action scenes led the film to garner a cult following. The film 300 is packed with drama and intense fighting scenes, and now you can find yourself right in the middle of the action by choosing one of our fun 300 costumes.

This category includes Ancient Greek themed warrior ensembles and props so you can look just like the mighty Spartans from the film. This selection provides you with a ton of variety so you can put together your own unique look. You can buy complete sets or individual pieces. Body armor, Spartan helmets, sandals, and prop swords and weapons all come in a wide array of styles and choices so you can pick out your favorite. This category doesn't just cover the Spartan warriors though. You can also find fun and eye catching choices for girls, teens, and adult women with our variety of Greek Empress ensembles. The flowing tunics, stylized armor, ornate helmets, and fun props all come together to create a really engaging, unique, and appealing look.

Warrior and mythical heroes are always great choices for costumes. The Ancient Greek aesthetic and the success of the film 300 lends itself to some wonderful costumes for Halloween and movie themed dress up parties. Dressing up as a recognizable character is always fun and now you can dress up like Leonidas, Dilios, Captain Artemis, or any other Spartan.

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