50's Accessories

Elvis Presley was one of the biggest superstars of the 50s. An Elvis impersonator will want add to his great costume and wig by getting a pair of dark shades. One even comes with sideburns. Pick up Elvis scarves, too, to drape around your neck, and don't forget the microphone.

Your Elvis or Pink Lady costume won't be complete without the right 50s accessories. If you want to rock around the clock you're going to need the right look. Whether you're a greaser or a girl in a poodle skirt, we have the accessories you need. The poodle skirt look was huge in the 1950s. This plain flared skirt with an applique is an iconic image of this period. Girls in poodle skirts show up in old photos and almost every movie from or about the period. You'll see them in everything from Rebel Without a Cause to American Graffiti to Grease to Happy Days. We have the poodle skirts and sweaters. We also have all the accessories you need, including cat's eye glasses, costume jewelry, and saddle shoes.

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