70's Accessories

Although the some 60s styles carried over into the next decade, disco, punk, and mod revival looks have influenced quite a few 70s costumes and accessories. Hippie culture was popular into the decade, and hippie costumes are suitable for period parties. Bell bottoms and tie-dyes are essential for a hippie costume, as are peace sign jewelry and beaded headbands. Disco was all about music, dancing, and flashy outfits. Bands like the Bee Gees and ABBA, movies like Saturday Night Fever, and the popularity of clubs like Studio 54 have helped make disco fashion extremely recognizable even years later. Disco costumes feature jump suits, sequined covered clothing, wide collars and big bell bottoms, and afro wigs. Accessories include flashy costume jewelry and platform shoes.

Glam bands like Kiss were popular in the 70s and their costumes are still popular today. In addition a black Kiss jumpsuit you'll also need platform shoes and, of course, a makeup kit. If glam's not your style, maybe you'll prefer punk. This rebellious counter-culture was known for leather, spiked hair, and safety pins. Accessories for your punk costume includes studded bracelets and collars as well as other jewelry.

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