Animated Props & Decorations

These animated props are more than just props. Each of them possess a unique feature that will scare the pants off of any squeamish trick-or-treater or passerby. And as for the indoor props, you can use them to creep out guests at your next haunted house event or Halloween party. So take a look at all of these great animated items, and put together the perfect ensemble of props to freak out anybody with the guts to approach your house.

We have a wonderful variety of animated props that you can use to create a frightful atmosphere this Halloween season. We have props that hang, ones that crawl around, ones that make noise, ones that you can wear, and even ones that shake and tremble. There are so many options, and the possibilities are nearly endless. You can hang up a giant spider, or you can let an undead zombie hand crawl around your house. You can place a flying ghost or ghoul in your front yard, or you can hang a struggling man from a noose. Zombies can fight their way from the soil in your yard, or spooky skeletons can rock back and forth in chairs on your porch.

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