Auburn/Red Wigs

Lots of people claim that "Blondes have more fun," but that's because so few people have had the chance to be a red head! You can have your chance this Halloween with our auburn and red wigs. Red is the rarest hair color, but it's also a bold shade that gets people's attention. And why wouldn't you want to draw attention to yourself and your amazing costume?

Unlike blondes and brunettes, when a fictional character has red hair it often becomes their signature trait. Disney characters like The Little Mermaid's Ariel and Brave's Merida are remembered for their vibrant red hair which matches their adventurous attitudes. It would also be hard to imagine Little Orphan Annie without her curly red locks or the famous Raggedy Ann without her red string hair which inspired the designs of so many other rag dolls. And we can't forget famous red heads like Lucille Ball and Queen Elizabeth I. If you're thinking of dressing up as any of these incredible characters this Halloween, you'll need one of our red and auburn wigs!

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