Austin Powers

You'll look absolutely smashing baby when you decide to dress up like one of the characters from the blockbuster hit Austin Powers! Austin Powers is played by Mike Myers but he also plays a number of other characters in the movie such as Power's arch nemesis, Dr. Evil as well as an evil henchman named Fat Bastard. Mike Myers brings all of these hysterical characters to life and now you can choose to do the same with the help of our quality Austin Powers costumes!

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If you're feeling like you got your mojo back then you'll definitely want to dress up as Austin Powers. Austin is considered the International Man of Mystery and big time ladies man. He is practically irresistible to women and always has a way to get out of a sticky situation. Any guy who loves to dress up, put on a retro looking outfit and talk in a funny accent will be perfect for this costume.

Men can also dress up as the evil mastermind Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil always has some plan to help him take over world and somehow it always seems to go awry. Dr. Evil is from Belgium and is completely bald. He has a signature pose that features his pinky up to the corner of his mouth. Dressing up like him will be a blast!

Women can get in on the groovy fun by dressing up as a sexy sixties swinger or an evil fembot. Fembots are seductive female robots that can control a man by their stare and moves. If this sounds like something you wish you could do on a regular basis, then you'll definitely want to dress up as a Fembot.

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