Animals & Bugs

Your little bundle of joy loves animals, so why not dress him up as a cuddly critter with one of our animal costumes for infants and toddlers? One of the first things we teach children is the names of animals and the sounds each makes, so tots have a natural affection for critters of all shapes and sizes. We have a large selection to choose from, so pick attire that fits with your child's personality. If your child is still crawling, a crab or lobster attire may be just right, or you can choose from our many four-legged creatures such as a lion, pig, puppy or cow. Does your rugrat like to hop? Then get a kangaroo or frog outfit. Is your little one a little mischievous? Our mischievous monkey is just perfect. 

Babies' first presents are often stuffed animals and so they grow with knowledge that these critters are a comfort to them. The real creatures are also often cute and cuddly and they captivate your cute, cuddly bambino. Watching birds fly, squirrels climb trees or even puppies drinking water is a wondrous experience for kids. They enjoy nature shows with animals, especially babies, and even cartoon or puppets. When they are able to interact with real pets, kids are even more excited. 

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