Horror & Gothic

What better way to introduce your child to the tradition of Halloween than by dressing him or her up in one of our baby and toddler horror costumes? From Frankenstein to Dracula, there are certain monsters whose names are interchangeable with Halloween itself. That's why outfits designed after these creatures are a wonderful way to celebrate your baby's first Halloween. One of the most recognizable Halloween monsters is Frankenstein who was originally just called Dr. Victor Frankenstein's "creature" or "monster." Dr. Frankenstein created this creature by bringing a person back from the dead, and Frankenstein is a warning of the dangers that occur when people tamper with nature. Over time, this popular monster has become synonymous with Halloween itself. 

More recently, Frankenstein has become that green faced monster with bolts on either side of its neck that walks with its arms held out straight ahead. While Halloween characters like this would ordinarily be too frightening for a baby, our horror costumes for babies and toddlers are designed with a cute, cartoon flair. This means that your child can be one of these classic Halloween symbols and join in on these spooky traditions. 

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