Is your child already practicing his or her best "Arrrr" for Halloween? Your little one might not be as fierce looking as Blackbeard, but he or she will have everyone saying "Shiver me timbers!" with our baby and toddler's pirate costume. There's something adorable about an innocent baby wearing an outfit that's typically associated with big, menacing person. That's just one of many reasons that your baby will get a big "Awww" out of everyone when he or she wears one. 

Pirates have most likely been around for as long as people were traveling the seas for trade. The term "pirate" describes anyone who commits criminal acts like theft while out at sea. Most people, however, think of pirates as those greedy seamen from the 17th and 18th centuries who would get into battles with other pirates in the hunt for treasure. Step out of line with one of these men, and you'd be walking the plank! 

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