Superheroes & Villains

Saving the world and inspiring smiles will be your daughter's superpowers when she dresses up as one of these super heroines from the comic book world. The infant toddler girl's superheroes costume collection is made special for infants and toddlers. If you want your girl to grow up an independent and strong woman, then look no further than these role models who can kick the butts of bad guys who were foolish enough to mess with them.

From the planet Krypton you have Supergirl who shares all the same powers as Superman. She can fly, possesses super strength, and can shoot eye lasers. She can actually take down many of the male superheroes. Your girl will be instantly drawn toward the costume's red cape and cute red skirt. She'll be quite energetic on Halloween when it comes time to go trick-or-treating. Other heroes she can portray are Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Wonder Woman is a princess of the Amazons and she is perhaps the most well-trained warrior of all the female heroes. She stands for justice and honor. Batgirl is a teenage gymnast who helps Batman and Robin fight crime around Gotham City. She's charming, but a capable fighter all on her own. 

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