Baby / Toddler Boys Costumes

Our classic boy Halloween costumes for infant and toddlers are made for parents who want to dress their little boy in something that is timeless. Rather than put him in something trendy that may disappear from memory quickly, outfit him in attire that he will recognize as an adult while looking through his childhood photos. Your little boy will look so adorable in his garb that you may want to have a professional photograph him so you can give high quality pictures to friend and relatives. 

Our large selection includes traditional Halloween outfits such as pumpkins, spiders, Frankenstein's monster and vampires. We also have classic movie characters such as superheroes, Looney Toons, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse. If you were Darth Vader as a youth, dress your tot as this classic villain. Maybe you were Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse when you were a child; they can dress as your favorite cartoon today. You can make a great scrapbook page with photos of parents in their youth and you little boy now; when your little boy gets older he will appreciate having dressed as the same character as his parent did as a child. 

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