Baby / Toddler Girls

Parents who want to dress their child in something that is timeless will love our classic Halloween costumes for infant and toddlers girls. Trendy outfits may be stylish now, but when your little girl is looking through photos as an adult, will she know what she is wearing? Dress her in a perennial ensemble that she will recognize. She will look so beautiful you may event want professional photos for all your family and friends. 

 You can choose from our traditional Halloween costumes, such as a pumpkin or a spider. You can also select outfits that have been classic for generations like Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell or a timeless look such as a lady bug or butterfly. Maybe your little ball of sunshine would like to dress in something that mom or grandma wore as a child, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or a rag doll. Make sure to get a picture so you can create a scrapbook page with generations of family on Halloween. 

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