Belle Costumes

Imagine a young woman, alone in a dark castle, who stands brave in the face of an unknown future. She did nothing to deserve her fate, but she will do her best, no matter what fate has in store for her. When choosing a costume this Halloween, one can do no better than a Belle Costume from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. When the Disney Company decided to tell the story of Belle and her journey to find love with an unlikely hero, they gave the world an iconic heroine for the ages. She is instantly recognizable as a strong woman who looks past the surface and sees the true heart that beats within.

She saw the evil that dwelt within the beautiful Gaston, and rejected him without pause, choosing instead to stand by one who initially presented a cold rage to all who saw him, knowing that the mask of anger hid a kind heart and a true gentleman. By her simple humanity, she rose above the expectations of those around her and found her place by the side of a kind and loving man.

When this classic tale of hidden truths comes to a close, we see that Belle has changed from the simple blue and white dress that she had worn throughout the movie and is now clothed in an elegant golden-yellow ball gown that reveals her true royal stature to all those who see her.

Make the choice this Halloween, show all who see you that you are a strong woman, who stands proud in the face of danger and the unknown by purchasing the elegant golden-yellow costume that was worn by Belle as she joins with her true love and finds the happiness that we are all looking for.

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