Biblical and Nativity Costumes

Lost in the Christmas craze of Santa, lights and presents is the original and actual story of the birth of Jesus. This is the story of baby Jesus being born in the barn and being laid in the manger, with shepherds and wise men coming to bring presents and pay homage to the newborn king. If you are religious and perform in a Nativity play or reenactment, we have the perfect Shepherd costumes for you. These costumes are also great for Christmas parties. It'll be cool to show up as a shepherd when everyone else is wearing Santa suits. It'll set you apart and you'll still be dressed in great Christmas style.

Shepherds are men who guide his flock of sheep and protect them from harm and danger. Sometimes it's from animals like wolves and sometimes it's from other people who try to steal the sheep. Shepherds have a lot of responsibility so if you think you're up to it, then you should check out the costumes!

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