Of all of the different kinds of hair colors, black is the most common. That means that there are countless characters and celebrities with black hair and countless opportunities to wear our black wigs! Dracula, Snow White, and The Addams Family's Morticia are among the fictional characters known for their dramatic black hair. And this color is a distinguishing characteristic of famous people like Cleopatra and Elvis. Or, for a more modern example, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Snookie also have jet-black locks. 

Because dark hair is so widespread, we've made sure to include black wigs that cover as many eras, cultures, and cuts as possible. Some are styled to be short and curly, and others are long and straight. We feature everything from black Afros to bob cuts to help you get down the look from a specific decade. Some of our wigs have been specifically designed for a Gothic Halloween look and others come with attached accessories to help you fit the character you're looking to portray. 

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