Blonde Wigs

If you're thinking of being a blonde bombshell this Halloween, you'll love our blonde wigs! And these items aren't just for women. We have an awesome assortment of men's wigs, too, so everyone can get the look of their favorite character this Halloween. Fair colored hair is a distinctive feature of many fictional characters. Goldilocks, Rapunzel, and Disney's Cinderella are just some of the enchanting blondes who live in a land far, far away. Scooby Doo's Fred and Marvel's Thor are notable male characters who also happen to be blondes. There are so many characters with this hair color that we couldn't possibly list them all. That means that it'll be easy to find another character with yellow locks, so you can reuse your blonde wig for the next Halloween!

But famous blondes don't stop with fictional characters. Marilyn Monroe caused a blonde craze in Hollywood, and many celebrities followed her lead. So many movie and music stars have dyed their hair blonde at one point or another to get this popular look. As a result, there are countless options of which blonde celebrity you can be this Halloween! From platinum blonde hair that's almost white to dirty blonde hair that's closer to brown, you'll see it all on this page. Our blonde wigs also include styles from a variety of decades and feature different cuts to help you match the right one to your look. These items work great as accessories, so pair it with one of our fantastic costumes!

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