Body Parts Props & Decorations

On other Halloween sites, realistic props and decorations can cost an arm and a leg. Well, the bodies & body parts props on our site are both realistic and affordable. These items don't cost an arm and a leg because some of them already are arms and legs. We have a fantastic collection of body parts props, including a variety of severed arms, legs, feet, fingers, and heads. Any one of these items is perfect for your haunted house or Halloween party decorations.

A funny old trick for Halloween is to mix in a few severed fingers with your candy when you offer it to trick-or-treaters. When the unsuspecting children reach into the bowl for a tasty treat, they will be horrified when they pull out a bloody index finger or thumb. It's a nice little way to get back at the kids who take four when the sign clearly states: "Please take one." You can also hang some severed heads from your front porch to make your house even scarier for guests and trick-or-treaters. We have heads of clowns, vampires, zombies, and innocent torture chamber victims.

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